Peter Lopez, JR.

What excuses have you been hiding behind?


Wasted minutes. Missed chances. Squandered passion. Unrealized dreams. Millions of people live a life from the safety of their comfort zone, hedged in by excuses, only to be buried with a lifetime of potential still bubbling below the surface, begging to be uncorked.

What will be your life’s story? Have you lost opportunities, visions, and relationships to the destructive lie of an excuse?



Internationally renowned author, speaker, business strategist and executive coach, Peter Lopez is committed to helping people come alive through big ideas! In a world of imitators Peter is original.  He is real, inspiring, authentic and and the epitome of how to live a fulfilled life by living the EXCUSE FREE life.  

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Ready to take the next step? With expertise on personal and career fluidity Peter Lopez is here to help you see a bigger, bolder reality. Begin experiencing freedom in your own life and work and turn the “everyday excuser” into an everyday dreamer-and-doer.

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