Reasons vs Excuses

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In doing my homework on the subject, I was taken aback and even surprised to find that the word “rationalize” comes from the root word for “reason”.

This means of course that there’s a thin line between a justifiable reason and an outright excuse.

Let's break it down

  1. Reason: A fact, situation, or intention that explains why something happened, why someone did or did not do something, or why something is true
  2. Excuse: A lie that you give to explain why you have done something or have not done something that you should have done.

Drum Roll Please

Reasons protect us and guard us, they propel us to the next step to accomplishing our goals, but here comes the pause… How can you tell whether your reasons for not doing something are a bump on the road or really an excuse?

Reasons quickly can become excuses when they require too many explanations. Even if your reasons are true, it doesn't make them right.

The problem is that many of us use excuses and try to pass them off as reasons. The problem gets magnified when we actually believe that our excuses are legitimate reasons!

You Don't Have To Go Home (But You Can't Stay Here)

The difference between an excuse and a reason is that one is a lie and the other is the truth.Your reason in life is the change lives, so stop making excuses and make today count!

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