No is an Answer

Don’t be so nice. It’s ok to say NO!

Sometimes you find yourself giving an excuse, because you didn't have the heart to say “no” to the person or the invite, event, dinner, etc.

Simply put, It’s OK to say, “No, thank you.” If you’re too busy, just say you’re too busy. If you would rather be home, say that you plan on relaxing at home that day. If you don’t have the money just say it.

It’s better to say no than to commit to something you won’t actually do and then look bad.

6 Simple, yet effective ways to say “NO”:

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I can’t afford that right now.
  3. My plan for Friday night is to relax at home with the family.
  4. It’s too far away.
  5. I’m not feeling it.
  6. No, thank you!

The number one way to get out of making excuses is to not commit to something you don’t want to do!

No is an Answer! Just don’t be rude when you say it.

Peter LopezComment